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Definition: Online document storage

What is online document storage?

Online document storage refers to the process, workflows, and systems involved with uploading, storing, managing, and sharing digital assets and files. Online or cloud document storage ensures that brands can access and manage digital assets anytime, anywhere.

Using an online document storage system means businesses can securely store high volumes of digital assets without taking up valuable server space. Alongside serving as a database for document storage, online systems make it easier for internal and external teams to collaborate on projects.

What are the benefits of cloud document storage?

Effective online document storage is vital for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Here are some of the benefits of cloud document storage.

Document storage systems save time
Document storage systems automate several tasks and workflows associated with digital asset management. They provide a centralized repository for all important files, making it easier for businesses to manage, share, and collaborate on digital assets. Rather than uploading every file, users simply share a link, so there’s no need to send large email attachments or sync devices.

Online document storage systems make searching for files simple. The best digital asset management systems (another name for document storage systems) allow users to store images in hierarchies that work best for them. Users can add a variety of metadata to the files, such as author, project, date, or anything they choose. This means that only the correct files are sourced, and users can get their hands on the assets and documents they need right away.

Cloud storage systems are highly secure
From keeping contracts and other sensitive personal data safe to ensuring intellectual property is protected, businesses must ensure that digital files are stored safely and securely at all times. One of the key benefits of cloud document storage systems is security and access controls. Managing and storing your digital assets and files online in the cloud means they are not at risk of damage from catastrophic events or disruptions to local servers and shared drives. End-to-end data encryption means you control access, and all your data is backed up, so you’ll never lose a file. Furthermore, storing data in the cloud protects it from hackers and malware.

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Online storage systems improve collaboration
The best digital asset management and document storage systems enable users to work on documents simultaneously, leaving feedback, updating progress, and communicating in real-time. This streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration between internal and external parties. All participants can upload and share their files with just a few clicks and get content to market more quickly. Users can also control permissions and usage so all parties can be sure they are working on the right files every time.