DAM & CMS acronyms can get overwhelming, so we’ve created a list of the most popular ones.

CMS Content Management System
A system used for organizing, managing and editing digital content.

DAM Digital Asset Management
DAM provides an easy way for users to centralize, track, manage, share, & distribute digital content like creative files, images, logos, graphics, documents etc.

WCM Web Content Management
A sub-set of CMS used more specifically as a web application for the managing, editing and storing of HTML content.

ECM Enterprise Content Management
Content management within an enterprise which provides the necessary tools, methods, skills and strategies needed to manage, store and edit the company’s digital content.

MAM Multimedia Asset Management
A sub-set of digital asset management, which more specifically entails DAM with multimedia content.

MDM Master Data Management
The method and strategy of centralizing data within an organization in order to define and manage information making searching, consolidating and distributing data more efficient.

SEM Search Engine Marketing
The process of utilizing search engine visibility as a form of internet marketing to promote one’s company.

SEO Search Engine Optimization
The process of improving a website’s search engine ranking through a variety of techniques.

WM Web Management
A sub-set of a Content Management System that applies to content derived from the internet.

XML Extensible Markup Language
A specification used for writing structured data on the Web.

RDF Resource Description Framework
A framework for composing languages to allow the integration of metadata.

ROI Return on Investment
A measure of net profits generated by a company.

SaaS Software-as-a-Service
A software distribution model giving a provider the capability to develop and operate software for customers to use as a service. Often time referred to as software on demand because of the consumer’s ability to access it whenever needed.

IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council
An association of the world’s major news agencies and news industry vendors, headquartered in London, England. The IPTC defines a set of standards for improved news exchanged.

XMP Extensible Metadata Platform
A platform that creates a set of standards for applications to describe, create and store metadata files.

EXIF Exchangeable Image File
Data attributes to an image detailing the image file format used by digital cameras.

VAM Video Asset Management
A sub-set of digital asset management, which more specifically entails the previewing, editing, storing and managing of video content.

BAM Brand Asset Management
Management of marketing and sales related content by providing a database wherein content spanning from marketing, advertising, promotions and sales is stored.

DM Document Management
Very closely related to Content Management, Document Management provides a system used for organizing, managing and editing digital content. However, Document Management refers specifically to electronic documents and images.

BRM Brand Resource Management
A system designed for a brand owner to better streamline processes and speed up the exchange of information with their business partners through the utilization of a shared database.

MCM Marketing Content Management
A system used to manage content involving web marketing and promotion tools used for the acquisition of customers as well as for building brand loyalty.

KM Knowledge Management
The process of managing, organizing and storing knowledge data and information within a company. Knowledge Management allows for easier implementation and sharing of information among employees.

DRM Digital Rights Management
Copyrighting digital files within a system in order to control who is accessing the digital content as well as how it is being used.

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