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Definition: Document management

What is document management?

The word document management describes the process of capturing, storing, and retrieving electronic versions of previously paper-based documents through PDFs, word processing files, and digital images.

To manage their digital documents and benefit from additional security, access control, centralized storage, and streamlined search and retrieval options, many companies make use of document management tools and systems.

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What are the benefits of document management systems?

Compared to the manual processing of physical files, document management software reduce costs, the risk of human error, of physical damage, retrieval issues and provide virtually unlimited storage space.

Though most organizations still possess physical filing systems to store paper documents, these are becoming less common as most documents are now produced digitally before being printed on paper, only if necessary.

Thanks to the use of metadata (information that includes: title, description, and storage date), document management systems streamline workflows around digital documents by providing:

  • Easy indexing for search and retrieval–reducing the time it takes to find the right documents.
  • Added security–through access control and editing rights to protect sensitive information.
  • Increased collaboration–by having multiple users work on documents at the same time while the system monitors changes and history.
  • Version control–to enable users to monitor change and validity over time.

Document management systems are an early solution to physical file storage and management. Bynder's Digital Asset Management is a more advanced class of software built to manage all types of files (specifically rich media) to keep up with the ever-evolving digital needs of modern-day companies.

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