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Definition: Document management software

What is document management software?

Businesses deal with a wide range of important and sensitive documents including legal documents. The best document management software helps brands to organize, manage, and share digital files while ensuring compliance with data protection—including GDPR.

Types of digital files include business or employee contracts, HR documents, marketing collateral, and many other sorts of internal and external communications. Document management software is either deployed in the Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two.

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Why do I need document management software?

It ensures compliance
Businesses have an obligation to protect their employee, supplier, client and customer data. Failure to do so could result in damage to legal reprisals, security issues, and damage to brand reputation. Legal document management software helps ensure data is protected and that the business can track and monitor document access and usage.

It improves workflows
The best software for document management enables brands to find, edit, collaborate, give feedback, and share a variety of digital documents from any location. This improves version control, mitigates error, saves time and resources, and improves internal and external working workflows.

It reduces your carbon footprint
Printers use a huge amount of paper and ink. Document management software reduces the need to use printers and alongside the important environmental benefits, it saves you money and storage space too.

It makes it easier to share and distribute files
Sharing a file via a secure document management system software is far quicker and easier than sending it by mail or by courier. It is also a lot cheaper. Many important business documents require several signatures or iterations. This can impact your budgets, business efficiencies, and work processes.

You can access files remotely
Even before work from home and hybrid working became commonplace, businesses benefited significantly from document management systems. Remote workers or colleagues working in different sites having the ability to access and work on documents from anywhere in the world meant smoother workflows, fewer delays, better communication and happier, more productive colleagues.