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Definition: Distributed marketing software

What is distributed marketing software?

Distributed marketing software refers to the technology, tools, and platforms used by marketers to scale personalized advertising and promotional content through distribution channels.

Many businesses operate both a central corporate marketing function and a distributed or local network. Distributed networks could include individual employees, separate organizations, or departments. The two marketing functions can be integrated to help sales and marketing teams to reach more customers, boost brand awareness and recognition, and drive more sales.

While the corporate function usually controls brand management and the wider marketing strategy, distributed networks can be used to create a stronger local connection with customers. Using distributed marketing software optimizes this approach by providing a centralized platform to manage localization activities.

Distributed marketing software can also be used to strengthen Digital Asset Management (DAM) by controlling access to specific localized content. Furthermore, the technology can help with compliance and ensure any cultural sensitivities are taken into account.

Distributing content should never get in the way of going to market. Read our guide to learn how DAM supports content distribution and helps brands go to market faster.

What are the benefits of using distributed marketing software?

Using distributed marketing software helps businesses deliver multi-channel campaigns that are consistently on-brand. When used in conjunction with DAM, it ensures only the correct files are used. This helps businesses to promote brand recall and deliver a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

The best distributed marketing software improves collaboration and encourages stakeholders from non-marketing backgrounds to get involved with content creation. The additional insights provided by the sales or customer service teams can prove incredibly valuable when creating personalized content, for example.

Distributed marketing software gets more quality, personalized content to market, more quickly. It helps marketers understand what is working at a local level, so they can refine campaigns and messaging and increase marketing ROI. It saves time, streamlines workflows and processes, and improves communication between different areas of the business.