In today’s business, so many are constantly on the lookout to make an extra dime. Because time is money, after all. Lead times need to be shortened, productivity has to be raised. As Michael Douglas already famously said as Gordon Gekko (Wall Street, 1987):

Greed is good

To whatever extend you choose to live by these words, OR distance yourself from them, chances are that you’ll like a big time-saver! By using Bynder as an image repository software, customers have been able to save hours and hours. Instead of making highly skilled colleagues search for the right imagery, media is now found and linked in seconds and they’re able to focus on the important stuff.

The repository software basically functions like your main media hub with all the relevant images, sounds, and other multimedia files. By using specific tags, filters, and metadata, for example, the right items can be found instantly with a tool like Bynder.

A quick example:

Using the connectivity tools that we have developed, like CMS plugins, there is no need to download & upload media before they can be displayed on your website, for instance. If you’re regularly adding content on a website, you know what I’m talking about. Constantly searching, downloading, and uploading simply to add a single image is a incredibly cumbersome process. And than we’re not even talking about adding / editing the necessary metadata.

In a nutshell, the Bynder media repository can play a key role as you’ll have all your media in one central place from where you can easily push images, videos, and others, to all the right places.

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