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Definition: Brand library

What is a brand library?

A brand library (also called asset library, digital asset library, or DAM library) is the digital home of all your company's or brand's assets and is part of a wider digital asset management (DAM) system. It acts as a central repository where your branded content is stored neatly and securely; and from which it is easily retrieved when necessary.

The best brand libraries are cloud-based to provide anytime, anywhere access to the content needed, have powerful and intuitive filter structures to find assets quickly, and can successfully streamline secure collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.

How much exactly can your company benefit from a DAM library? Have a look at our handy guide to get an idea: DAM for dummies.

What are the benefits of a DAM library?

The benefits of using a DAM library are many, that's why most companies rely on a DAM to manage their digital assets. Teams leveraging a DAM library have anytime, anywhere access to their library and they easily manage, access, share, and track their company's assets. DAM libraries help companies maintain brand consistency by featuring version control and making only the latest approved version of each asset available on the DAM.

Using a DAM generally requires little to no training for end-users. With UX and UI designed to encourage smooth collaboration on assets, brand libraries help to streamline operations and reduce project bottlenecks. Here's an overview of the major benefits of a DAM library:

  • Simple and secure, 24/7 access to all business-critical files from anywhere
  • Powerful filter structure to find the right files in a matter of clicks
  • Streamlined, collaborative asset approval process to avoid project bottlenecks
  • Designed to support all types of files–including rich-media files
  • User permissions and expirations date to control who has access to what.
  • Simple and smooth implementation to hit the ground running in no time
  • High user adoption so the DAM serves your company's "single source of truth"
  • Seamless integrations to continue doing what you used to, just more easily
  • Intuitive UX and user-friendly UI, so end-users require little or no training

There are many different DAMs and DAM providers out there. Which one is right for you? Use our checklist to compare DAM solutions against your functional requirements. Download it for free.