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DAM storage

What is the definition of a DAM storage solution?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) storage solution refers to the systems, processes, platforms, and tools that brands use to store a variety of digital assets. Secure repositories for digital files are vital to ensure companies operate streamlined and effective processes and workflows. This includes locating, managing, editing, collaborating on, sharing, publishing, and distributing digital files safely and securely.

DAM storage solutions are suitable for managing a range of digital assets and files, such as photos, text files, illustrations, animations, videos, and design files.

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Why do brands need DAM storage solutions?

You can locate files quickly and easily

Far from being a simple repository for digital files, DAM storage systems store a variety of information about the digital asset, including keywords, metadata, dates associated with the file, user permissions, copyright, use cases, and so forth. Thanks to DAM's sophisticated search functionality, everyone can locate the asset they're looking for in seconds. No more hunting around for lost files or using the wrong image version.

Increased security

Brands don’t want files ending up in the wrong hands. They must comply with data protection directives and make sure permissions and usage of digital assets are restricted. The best DAM storage systems provide secure end-to-end processes and features such as watermarking and encryption to keep digital files safe.

DAM systems also keep track of who has used a file and when, so brands have an accurate access record and control over each file—for example, restricting specific files to read or view only.

Faster processes

DAM storage systems provide a centralized repository for files so people can access, work on, and distribute projects more quickly and easily. That means less time to market and less margin for error—saving you money while producing higher-quality work.

DAM storage systems also integrate with other systems in your martech stack, such as Project Information Management (PIM) systems and Content Management Software (CMS).

Improved brand management

Safeguarding brand identity is critical for both B2B and B2C businesses. The wrong asset used in a campaign or an incorrect logo supplied for a brochure can hurt the brand. Whether you are working with internal or external stakeholders, a DAM storage solution ensures only the right people have access to the right assets.