The true impact of keywords goes far beyond simply having a list, SEO optimization and rising organic rankings in Google. Keywords can be used for much more than improving rankings. Research finds that companies are now using keywords with different goals in mind, such as branded keywords or keywords for content marketing. Take a look at the tips below to fully optimize your keywords campaign.

Branded keywords may initially sound as through it requires a lot of effort, but it is actually quite simple. Branded keywords are all the keywords that revolve around your brand, and reference the keywords along with the name of your brand. E.g. Nike Air Max, Apple iPhone, Facebook Messenger or Bynder Brand Portal.

Branded keywords are also very valuable when launching an entirely new brand. Google’s complex algorithms make it difficult to get traction with traditional keyword rankings, so choosing to build brand recognition through branded keywords is not only cost effective, but additionally helps organic rankings to flourish.

The most important aspect of branded keywords is the traditional keywords you decide to use. Thoroughly research traditional keywords, because bad keywords can also cause your rankings to drop. Badly branded keywords also are not reflective of the brand you may want to convey.

Best Practices for Using Keywords

Keywords can also be used in conjunction with content marketing.
Marketing automation programs like Moz and Hubspot automatically rank keywords by difficulty to get on the first page of ranking, estimated CPC, and how many times that term is searched monthly. If keywords have potential –which means high monthly searches, and low difficulty– they should be a part of your content campaign. With this sort of information it it easier to determine what sort of content can raise your rankings easily, and which keywords require a full blown campaign.

Make the distinction between your best keywords, and good keywords. The best keywords connect well with and compliment website content so try to implement as many of the most relevant keywords as possible. Setting up a keywords campaign allows the progression of rankings to be carefully watched, and while immediate results are not common, growth can usually be viewed within a week.

Branding in general is a continuous process; so take care not to allow your keywords to become stagnant, keep updating! As your company, content and brand evolves, revise and renew your keywords!

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