“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

As creative professionals, we’ve all experienced creative block at some point. Even the most talented designers and artists can get stuck in a rut, because developing original, engaging designs on a constant basis can be a challenge. Inspired by Albert Einstein's quote above, we're sharing some of our best tips to turn on your creativity, find inspiration and keep the good ideas rolling.

Just doodle.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to give your ideas free reign. When you let your imagination, and pen, run wild, you’ll find the activity can unlock your creative potential. In fact, doodling has been linked to improved memory and focus, and allows you to alter your thought process and reach solutions to problems in new ways. And some of history’s greatest minds, including Steve Jobs and President John F. Kennedy, were avid doodlers. So next time you feel stuck, pull out a pen and notepad to get your creative juices flowing.

Turn up the volume to block out the noise.

It can be hard to feel inspired when you’re working in a busy office full of coworker chatter, nearby phone conversations and other distractions. So it’s no wonder that headphones are almost always part of any good creative professional’s toolkit. Blocking outside noise and flooding your brain with music that puts you in a good mood is a quick way to unleash your creativity. There are many studies in the field of neuroscience that show how listening to music helps you tap into your creative side by allowing your mind to wander and discover new ways of thinking.

Walk away from creative block. Literally, go take a walk.

When you’re facing creative block, it can seem like your mind is racing in search of inspiration but ends up back in the same place. That’s your cue to take a step back from whatever project you’re working on and literally walk away. Going for a walk will instantly give you a change of scenery, which is sometimes all you need to find that creative spark. In fact, a recent study from the Stanford Graduate School of Education suggests that going for a stroll (indoors or outdoors) can jumpstart your creativity.

Let your office walls inspire you.

Any creative can tell you that a boring cubicle wall or one filled with charts and graphs isn’t the best environment for being inspired and coming up with innovative ideas. To encourage more creative thinking, give your immediate surroundings a splash of inspiration. Something as simple as the color of your walls can go a long way – research shows that blue and green tones are soothing while oranges, red and yellow evoke feelings of energy and passion. Another great way to spark creativity is to cover your walls with chalkboard or whiteboard paint, so you can literally surround yourself with your best ideas.

Kick it with other creatives

It's always a good idea to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like. This is especially important when you're in a creative role, because you look to your surroundings for inspiration. When you're hanging out with like-minded, imaginative individuals, their creativity will rub off on you letting you feed off each other's energy and enthusiasm. It's also easier to build on creative concepts and get valuable feedback when you can bounce ideas off your peers.

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