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Definition: Photo organizing software

What is photo organizing software?

Photo organizing software helps businesses and individual users store, retrieve and organize large amounts of digital images, quickly and securely. Otherwise known as picture organizing software, it is commonly used by marketers, media departments, designers, and photographers.

You might have heard it described as “digital asset management,” or DAM, but digital asset management software does a lot more than just help organize your photography library. Photo organizing software such as DAM provides a centralized repository for sourcing and sharing images, and helps to streamline workflows. Photo organizing software also reduces the risk of duplicate files or incorrect images being used.

The best photo organizing software allows users to import or export images in a variety of formats in just a few clicks. It makes collaboration between different stakeholders such as agencies, freelancers, and internal staff simple and straightforward. Brands and content creators can protect copyright and manage access by setting privacy and usage controls. You can even set expiry dates to help you keep track of usage with minimum intervention.

Photo organizing software is the ideal solution for brands that want to save time, improve workflows, boost creativity, enhance security, and reduce errors.

What are the benefits of photo organizing software?

Find images (and other digital assets too!) faster: Brands manage large quantities of images, and keeping a well-maintained and easily accessible library takes time. Using photo organizing software that organizes digital files by metadata rather than by folder means you can locate images faster, reduce errors, and deliver a seamless digital experience.

Improve collaboration: Sourcing, sharing, and managing digital images is time-consuming and detracts from the creative process. Photo organizing software, or photo tagging software, provides a centralized platform where stakeholders, including external agencies and freelancers, can access and collaborate on digital images quickly and easily, giving brands more time to devote to producing great work.

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Streamlines workflows: Brands can source, edit and distribute images in seconds using photo organizer software and customize the platform to suit their unique business requirements. Every user can be confident they are using the right file, helping to reduce bottlenecks and mitigate errors.

Improves security: A centralized image repository means your digital files don’t need to leave your database, giving you complete control of your images, enhancing security, and ensuring everyone is working within brand guidelines. Furthermore, you control access and copyright so you’ll always know how and where your images are being used and you don’t need to rely on email servers or external hard drives.