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Photo management software for marketing teams

Bynder makes storing, managing, and sharing image files easier than ever for companies of all sizes.
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What is photo management software?

Photo management software provides organizations with an image database to store, organize, retrieve, and collaborate on photo and image files. By leveraging image management software, users easily find the image they are looking for and start collaborating on it immediately with other relevant stakeholders, such as photographers, agencies, or fellow team members.

Photo management software allows you to:

  • Find the image you are looking for in mere seconds;
  • Set tailored privacy and copyright options for image files;
  • Keep all company images secure in a branded web portal;
  • Enable tailored access for different departments, partners, distributors, and clients to keep everyone in sync with the newest images;

Notorious for being hard to find, images are a company's most important assets. But when you work with hundreds–or even thousands–of them, finding the one you're looking for can take a good chunk of your day (and patience). Dealing with duplicates, cluttered folders, and external hard drives make photo management a pain point most of us are familiar with.

The best photo management solutions are cloud-based, provide 24/7 access to the platform from everywhere, while maintaining the highest level of security. Book a demo to discover if Bynder is the right image management solution for your company.

What are the benefits of photo management software?

Designed to empower self-sufficiency and to streamline collaboration, photo management software allows photographers and other relevant stakeholders to upload images independently and securely to the image database.

Once in the database, images are easily tagged and quick to find. Whether you need to modify, collaborate on, review, and/or approve an image, everything is done conveniently within the database. Practical, versatile, and fully customizable, photo management software keeps all relevant parties on the same page.

Your image database is more than just a simple repository; it is designed to empower collaboration. Users can collaborate on images directly from the database and when changes are made to an image, only the latest and greatest version is automatically made available to everyone. Images can be arranged into collections and, thanks to permissions and expiration dates, they can be shared easily and securely with both internal and external stakeholders.

Photo management software overview

Photo management software allows your team to keep all images secure and centralized in a single repository. Files can be organized in a way that makes sense to your team or organization, so everyone knows where to find the image they are looking for.

Having an image database provides easy file sharing and unlimited accessibility. Files are shared securely without resorting to heavy email attachments, external hard drives, or on-premise servers. Thanks to different levels of permissions, you can ensure that only the right people have access to selected files.

The best image management software relies on filters instead of folders. Powerful search options help you quickly locate the image you are looking for. Thanks to a system based on taxonomy and metadata, you have the ability to use keywords to manage your search; and by specifying the type of image you are looking for, you can narrow down your results even further.

With Bynder, you can review, assign, and approve your images from within your image database. It is a single solution that allows you to share your files with your team and external parties without leaving your image database. With everyone on the same page, you can avoid miscommunications and project bottlenecks, while delivering content that is consistent and on-brand.

Photo management software allows you to gain visibility into who is using your company images. You can generate reports to track user downloads and uploads, gain insights into which images are most valued by employees, and make them accessible directly from your portal homepage.

Once you have found the right image, reviewed and approved it, it's time to distribute it across channels. Whether you need to push files to social channels, your CMS, or third-party distribution services, with Bynder you can conveniently do so from within your image database. Distributing content through the database means you'll avoid repetitive and manual tasks, populating channels quickly, and without errors.

Frequently asked questions about photo management software

Photo management software is an integral aspect of a typical martech stack for any modern business or agency—both big and small. From marketing teams to creative agencies, real estate, or retail; whatever your industry, chances are you already have an extensive image library you regularly tap into and that grows exponentially. Fully configurable to your needs, photo management software allows you to organize files in a way that makes sense to your organization or your team. Once your images are neatly tagged and organized, the asset you're looking for is only a click away.

Digital asset management is a more advanced class of software than traditional photo management software. With DAM, you have all the features of photo management software, but instead of only images, it is built to effectively manage all types of digital files. This way, your organization won't be limited to organizing just images, but any type of assets, including videos and PDFs.

The cost of a photo management system/digital asset management system varies depending on a number of factors: the number of files you need to store, the types of files, and the number of users. To request an obligation-free DAM quote, click here.

You can click here for a free demo. During the demo, you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with one of our expert consultants. They will answer all your questions and walk you through the features and functionalities that can most effectively tackle your pain points.

You can click here for a free Bynder trial. To make the most of your trial period, invite your colleagues to the trial as well to see how your team or your organization at large can benefit from photo management software.